What are they

Many people may not know what a hash tag is or how to use it properly. Most social media platforms now use hash tags twitter were the first to adopt it and others soon followed.

The last platform to take advantage of them was Facebook. So why use them. They can help to narrow down your reach.

Or what you’re searching for. If you go to Twitter and go to the search bar you can put in a hash symbol which is this # followed by your target keyword. This will give you the content and hash tags that you put in.

Find things easier

On Twitter, you can save hash tags you have searched for. So if there is something in particular you want to monitor then you don’t have to do keep putting in the search term with the hash tag to find it.

Lots of chats take place on Twitter at various times and make use of hash tags. You can find lots of useful information from them and follow people if necessary. So it makes life a lot simpler.

Get more retweets

If you add hash tags to your tweets. They are more likely to get re-tweets than if you don’t have them and the more you get the better.

Create custom ones

If you own a business, you could use hash tags to promote it. Many corporate businesses these days do exactly that even television companies use it. You may have seen them in use when they have some event or anything else they want people on Twitter to follow.

Also a particular hashtag might be trending on Twitter on any particular day and you will be able to follow that hashtag if you’re interested in it.┬áSo if you have a business then you can see why they can be useful. You could even use them for finding new prospects.